The Fault in Our Stars Trivia

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How much do you know of The Fault in Our Stars, of Hazel and Augustus’ epic love story? Test your knowledge on John Green’s most successful novel yet, and discover whether you really know it all.
Hazel’s cancer spread, and metastasized to her lungs. What kind of cancer was it in the first place?
How old was Hazel when she was diagnosed with cancer?
Hazel and Augustus bond over Hazel’s favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. What is the main character’s name?
Around Augustus’ house, his parents have hung, stuck, embroidered, many inspirational quotes. What are they called?
Hazel is afraid that she is going to hurt those around her if she gets too close, because she will eventually die. What does she refer to herself as?
Augustus prepares a date to surprise Hazel with the news that the Genies will pay for them to go to Amsterdam, so they can see Peter Van Houten. What is the theme of the date?
During their date at Oranjee, some Dutch people call something out to Hazel and Augustus in Dutch, and then again in English. What did they say?
Peter Van Houten, refuses to tell Hazel and Augustus what happens to all but one character from An Imperial Affliction. Which character’s story does he reveal?
Where do Hazel and Augustus kiss for the first time?
Just before he dies, Augustus writes something, and Hazel is convinced it was for her, so she sets out to find it. What is it?