Test Your Tennis Knowledge

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Take this quiz and test your tennis knowledge with these questions, and see if you’re and expert at the game, or if you need to brush up your facts.
You aren’t sure whether the ball landed in or out. Do you call it in or out?
Your opponent hits the ball, and it bounces off your foot. Are you allowed to hit it and continue the point?
You’re playing doubles. Are you allowed to return a serve on your partner’s side?
You're running for a short ball and get it back over. The ball bounces once but you touch the net. What happens?
During a super tiebreaker, when do you switch sides?
You’re at the net, and you can’t reach the ball. If you throw your racket, and it manages to hit the ball over and hit a winner, do you get the point?
Someone hangs a sweater on the side of the net. The point begins, and your opponent misses the ball. They claim that the sweater bothered them. Is it legal to redo the point?
After starting the point, you notice a ball sitting dangerously close to you. Are you allowed to call “ball on,” and stop the point?
You win the coin toss/racket spin at the beginning of the match. Are you allowed to choose which side you want, rather than to serve or receive?
After the tiebreaker, who serves first in the next set?