Eragon Quiz

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Have you traveled through the awe-inspiring world of Alagaësia? Are you familiar with all the adventures that Eragon and his dragon experienced in the Inheritance Cycle? Take this quiz and test your knowledge. See whether you are worthy to be part of this world of destiny, magic and power.
What is the name of the original home of the dragon riders?
What is the sign of the dragon riders called?
Who was Durza the Shade?
What is the name of Galbatorix' dragon?
What are the colors of Galbatorix', Eragon's and Oromis' dragons?
Who is the first victim of the Ra'zac in Carvahall?
What is the name of the elven Queen?
What are the parents of the Ra'zac called?
Which title do the Urgals use to show great respect?
What did Brom think was Garrow's opinion of reading and writing?
What was the real reason that Murtagh got in a fight with Eragon when they were traveling together?
What can a dragon not do with its Eldunarí (heart of hearts)?
How many soldiers did Roran slay during the battle on his second assignment?
What kind of deal did the last Ra'zac propose to Eragon?
What region did Saphira like the most?