Despicable Me Quiz

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How much do you know about Despicable Me? Test your knowledge of Gru’s evil plans, the minions’ hilarious antics, and the world of Despicable Me’s fun facts!
Gru sends three of his minions to buy Agnes a unicorn. What do they dress up as?
The three girls compete in an arcade game at Super Silly Fun Land to win a stuffed unicorn. What was the object of the game?
On the same day Gru plans to steal the moon, the girls have a ballet recital performing what piece?
What color was Gru’s spacesuit?
Agnes requests Gru read them Sleepy Kittens. What color are the kittens pictured in the book?
Which of the following did Gru not steal?
What is discovered will happen to objects shrunken by the Shrink Ray?
Which one of the following is related to Gru’s nemesis, Vector?
At the very beginning of the movie, Gru uses one of his weapons to skip the line at the coffee shop. Which weapon does he use?
Which one of the following is not a name of one of Gru’s minions?