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Uglies by Scott Westerfield
by Scott Westerfield
Uglies, by Scott Westerfield, centers around 15-year-old Tally Youngblood, who is eagerly awaiting her sixteenth birthday. The day she will turn beautiful. For in Tally's city, on your sixteenth birthday you receive a surgery that turns you drop-dead gorgeous.

But when Tally meets Shay, another fellow "Ugly," she learns life isn't all about being pretty. For Tally's new best friend knows of a place where being pretty doesn't matter. So when Shay escapes the city, leaving only a riddle behind in case Tally wished to follow her, Tally's life is turned upside-down.

The city authorities blackmail Tally into going after her newly-found best friend, and bringing her back. Yet Tally finds what she least expects, and grows uncertain as to whether or not she should obey the city's wishes. And then she meets David. The young, handsome boy who has given her a new view on what it means to be beautiful.

In an exciting tale of adventure, love, friendship, and search of true beauty, this four part series is designed for girls ages 11+. But anyone who picks up this book will find themselves captivated in its enchanting pages. Westerfield creates an exciting adventure for both Tally, and whoever to be reading the words spilled across the pages of this phenomenal novel.
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