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North of Beautiful by Justina Chen
North of Beautiful
by Justina Chen
North of Beautiful, by Justina Chen Headley, is about young Terra Cooper, who, at first glance, is enviably pretty. But if you happen to see her without her thick layer of makeup, you'll notice an ugly port-wine stain splattered across the side of her face.

With an over-controlling, abusive father, and unconfident mother, Terra doesn't know where she stands. All she knows is that she wants to escape from her small town of Colville, like her brothers before her. But when she accidently crashes into gorgeous and goth Jacob, her life takes an unexpected turn.

A self-esteem raising trip to China with the Freemons, (Jacob and her mom), gives Terra a completely different view of beauty, while her mom reassesses her life. It's time for the Cooper women to take charge of their life.

Headley's North of Beautiful is an inspiring story about finding one's inner beauty, and one that doesn't make most readers want to puke. This novel is perfect for young girls, ages 12-16, yet anyone who picks this book up will redefine their definition of beauty.

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