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House of Hades by Rick Riordan
House of Hades
by Rick Riordan
Just like any other Percy Jackson fangirl, I rushed to Barnes and Nobles ASAP to pick up my forever to be treasured copy of The House of Hades. Let me just say, Riordan has not let us down!
We start with the crew of the Argos II in chaos, distrusting each other, each blaming themselves for Annabeth and Percy’s fall into Tarturas, all the while dodging and fighting Gaea’s minions. At the other side of the Atlantic, Camp Jupiter is preparing for war with Camp Half Blood. Meanwhile, Percy and Annabeth are just barely moving along in the bottom of the endless pit, surviving off of luck, and Annabeth’s wit. For the seven of the prophecy, plus Nico, their only hope is to make it to the House of Hades, and free the Doors of Death, while still leaving themselves time to make it to Greece and stop Gaea. Did I mention there are awful monsters guarding the Doors? I guess that goes without saying.

With never-failing humor, epic action, cute romance, and a taste of all of our favorite characters, Riordan’s most recent addition to his Greek/Roman mythology collection reaches everyone’s expectations and extends so much further.
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