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Fallen by Lauren Kate
by Lauren Kate
Say goodbye to werewolves and vampires! Fallen Angels are now the new object of obsession!

Fallen, by Lauren Kate, is not your average story. Romantic, dark, and sexy, this 4-book series attracts girls and women, 13+.

Lucinda "Luce" Price, after being involved in a mysterious accident, which kills her crush, is sent to Sword and Cross Reform School. There, she struggles to determine friend from enemy, for at this boarding school, not everyone is as innocent as they seem. Everyone has a dark secret, and not everyone is willing to share.

Luce is most determined to find out what's up with Daniel Grigori, who claims to want to have nothing to do with her. Yet Luce can't shake off the feeling that she has seen him before. And does he really mean what he says?

Lauren Kate's four fallen novels, Fallen, Torment, Passion, and Rapture, are sure to leave readers wanting more. Luce and Daniel's eternal love is sure to leave many in tears, and all wishing they could experience the same.
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