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Eragon - The Inheritance Cycle by Christpher Paolini
Eragon - The Inheritance Cycle
by Christpher Paolini
Recently, I came upon the Inheritance Cycle, a brilliant series introduced to me by a friend. She swore that is was so good, it topped Harry Potter, which I highly doubted, but nevertheless, I gave it a try. And let me tell you, I now understand why she would tell me such a thing.

Here's a quick summary: His whole life, Eragon has lived on a farm at the edge of the small town of Carvahall, with his uncle and cousin. Though bearing a loathing for the tyrant Galbatorix, like almost all his subjects, life is pleasant for Eragon, if not a bit of a struggle. Magic, elves, and dwarves have always just been a fairy tail for him. That is, until a dragon hatches for him! Now, as the first dragon rider besides the mad king since the fall, the fate of Alagaesia rests on Saphira (Eragon's dragon) and Eragon's shoulders as the two set out on an adventure to avenge deaths, learn magic, and help the enemies of Galbatorix at last over-throw him.

Paolini's characters are brilliant! One cannot help but love them all, whether it be the main protagonists of the story, or their evil rivals. Somehow Paolini gives us a sense of realism in this fantasy world, through the personalities and relationships of the characters, while creating an enthralling world where adventure awaits all eager readers.

All in all, I wouldn't pass up a chance to recommend Eragon, or its sequels to anyone looking for a good read. Not only will it leave one entertained for as many days as it takes to complete this fabulous novel, but it will leave readers longing to be a part of the land of Alagaesia.
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