Would You Survive the Hunger Games?

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Have you ever wondered if you’d survive the Hunger Games? Well, sometimes it’s up to luck, but often brains will get you farther than brawns. Answer these questions and find out whether you’d be a victim or a victor.

Note: You are a tribute from an outer district. Answer accordingly.
The initial confrontation of the tributes is just about to happen. What’s your plan?
It’s getting dark, and you’re extremely cold. How do you deal with it?
You are positioned in a tree, right above two 12-year-old tributes, who are obviously allies. What’s your next move?
You’re starving, and see another tribute eating berries, that you think are poisonous, but you’re not sure. What do you do?
After two days with no deaths, you find a weak tribute stumbling by you. How do you react?
As you sit behind a clump of bushes, you hear voices. Straining to hear them, you recognize the remaining 3 Careers. How do you hide?
You are called to a feast, that promises luxurious food after you have been starving for days. As you wait at the edge of the clearing, you come up with a plan. What is it?
After getting into a fight, your leg gets injured. How do you recover?
While you’re hunting for food, you come across a large cat-like mutation. What do you do, in order to escape from it?
You and another tribute are the last one’s left. How do you plan on ending it?