Which Character from Brooklyn 99 Are You?

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Are you Jake Peralta or Amy Santiago? Do you have Charles’ passion for food, or Gina’s devotion to dance? Take this quiz to find out which member of the 99th precinct you’re most like.
Do you consider yourself a leader?
Choose a spirit animal.
Which career outside of law enforcement would you enjoy the most?
Would you consider yourself an emotional person?
Choose a deadly sin.
Why would you want to be a detective?
It's time for the Halloween Heist! What secret weapon will you utilize to win the title of Ultimate Human/Genius?
Doug Judy, the Pontiac Bandit, is at it again! What's your plan this time around to take him down once and for all?
You've been assigned to go undercover in a drug cartel. Which fake identity do you assume?
In your opinion, which of the following deeds is the most heroic?