What Doctor Who Companion are You?

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Could you be sweet, loyal Rose Tyler, or brave, spunky Amy Pond? Are you must like flirtatious and confident Captain Jack Harkness, or like intelligent and devoted Rory Williams? These couple questions will help you find out which of the Doctor’s companions you are most like!
Note: Companions from New Doctor Who, 2005 - present.
In what kind of situation would you meet the Doctor?
Would you travel with the Doctor full-time?
Do you have feelings for the Doctor?
Which of the following Doctor Who villains do you fear the most?
Would the Doctor let you fly the Tardis?
The Doctor tries to send you back to the Tardis, to keep you out of harm’s way. What do you do?
You’re favorite adventures with the Doctor occur where?
You come across a Dalek, but the Doctor isn’t with you. What’s your next move?
Which of the following sounds the scariest to you?
Why would you stop adventuring with the Doctor?