Twilight Quiz - Which Twilight Character Are You?

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Can't put down the Twilight books? In love with Edward Cullen? If you've ever wondered who you'd be in the Twilight series, this quiz is for you! Answer these questions and find out which Cullen Vampire you are!
What would you say is your biggest weakness?
How do you envision your perfect partner?
Your big sister is having her wedding. What are you wearing?
Would you let your vampire friend bite you?
Which vampire super power would you prefer to have?
Where would you prefer to live?
What would you do if you couldn't be together with the love of your life?
How good is it with your self-control?
What do you do on a rainy Sunday?
If you were at a party, what would you be doing?
Would you want to be a vampire?
Do you like any other fantasy characters beside the Cullen-Clan?
It's your birthday and your boyfriend surprises you with a gift. What would you be most excited about?