Percy Jackson - Would You Survive the Sea of Monsters?

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Would you survive one of the most dangerous seas of all times? Answer these questions, and find out whether you would make it through, like Percy Jackson, or fall prey to the many monsters and obstacles that inhabit these dangerous waters. (This quiz is based on Greek Mythology.)

Note: It doesn’t matter how many others die as long as you stay alive.
To enter the Sea of Monsters, you must either go through the Clashing Rocks or the Strait of Messina (the Strait between Scylla and Charybdis). Which do you choose?
You arrive on a tropical island, where food is plentiful, and it seems safe. A couple crewmembers go to scout the island, and don’t come back after several hours. What do you plan on doing?
You come to a peaceful island, where flowers are plentiful, and edible, according to the locals. But when your friends eat them, they fall into a deep sleep. What’s your next move?
You and your crew have been stranded on an island for several days, the currents of the water not allowing you to exit the harbor. The only available food is cattle, but it’s sacred, and you have been warned not to eat it. But after several days of starvation, they become tempting. What will you do?
You have just defeated a Cyclops, who stands blinded at the shore of his island, while you sail away. Do you boast aloud to him?
You are battling a sorceress who wishes to turn you into an animal. How will you fight her?
The Captain of your ship comes back after a visit, with someone called Aeolus, with a large bag, promising that if the crew and you don’t touch it you will make it home safely. However, one of your friends is convinced he’s lying, and thinks there is gold in the bag. How do you respond?
You are about to come across the Sirens, whose irresistible song lures sailors to their death. You wish to hear them. What will you do to prepare?
The other members of your crew have been trapped within a cave with a Cyclops. In order to proceed on your journey you must free them, but a large, unmovable rock blocks the entrance to the cave. How will you get in?