Friends, or Best Friends?

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Are you besties or buddies? If this question has been at the back of your mind, look no further and take this quiz! Answer accordingly to the actions of you and your companion, and find out if you’re truly best friends, or just buds.
Whenever you’re planning to invite someone over, they're always the first one you call.
You have to tell them to keep a secret.
You call them up, and tell them that you’re going out with your longtime crush.
They finally realize just how insane you are. So they…
You’re on a long vacation, and forgot to tell them when you’re coming back. So they…
How much do they know about you?
Your room is a complete mess. They…
How much do you have in common?
You bring up the conversation of memories. They will…
You both are breaking the rules. You’re about to be discovered.
How often do you hang out?