Where would your perfect vacation spot be?

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Think back to your last search to find the best vacation spots. Coming up with vacation ideas is hard! How many hours did you spend searching many websites to find the best spots? Planning a vacation should be fun. Whether it is just a quick getaway or a weeks-long vacation trip, take this quiz to see what places suit you best.
Which tourist attraction is most appealing to you?
Your friends would describe you as a(n):
Which of these is the reason you most want to go on vacation?
When looking for vacation spots, what kind of places do you concentrate on?
Who would you prefer to travel with?
When you're on vacation you are:
What would be your vacation nightmare?
While on vacation, where would you like to stay at?
What would be your first stop when you reach your travel destination?
You are ready to go out for dinner. Which type of restaurant would you pick?
What suits your vacation budget best?